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Policy UCS has developed all the systems and its work practices to meet the directions which adopted by the company towards the quality of the work they do. And employment policy of (UCS) can be summarized, as follows:

  1.  The provision of the distinct advisory services with the highest quality and lowest cost possible which suit the requirements of the work to (UCS) customers and accordant with the ethics of the profession.
  2.  Building regulations and practices of effective working with “UCS” customers throughout a clear understanding of the requirements of development which based on a detailed diagnosis of the reality of the work leading to the identification of reference 
  3. Verification of taking all necessary precautions and measures to ensure the renewal and updating of standards and specifications of work systems of “UCS” throughout adoption and development of mechanisms and modern management techniques and throughout the participation of all staff and their commitment to excellence in all their Actions

We are also committed to safeguard life, property and environment through our services

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